Why I Support Trump

I support Donald J Trump.

First let me start with denying some negatives .. (because people used to project those on me)
I was only vaguely aware of Mr Trump .. even for some time after he announced.
I barely watch TV .. especially not “reality” TV, so no, the “Apprentice” was not a factor.

Now for the positives. Sen. Cruz is my senator, and yes I voted for him (believe me the alternative appeared to be worse). So when Cruz announced, I started paying attention to his campaign.

Now, let me get one other thing straight. I am NOT a sanctimonious anything. I have a lot of personal friends who are Christians, of all kind. My life philosophy, at the moment, is more Buddhist than anything else. A “Western” Buddhist. I am of European extraction. This folds well with both my Classical Liberal Arts and Sciences (Grammar – Rhetoric – Logic – Arithmetic – Geometry – Music – Astronomy) education, my natural skepticism and my general toleration towards views other than my own. One of my favorite C&W lines (songs) is “Why don’t you mind your OWN business .. so you won’t be minding mine”.

So, when Cruz announced at Liberty – and did some preacher-like things – I cringed. But, hey I am tolerant. I have since come to the realization that Sen. Cruz *IS* a sanctimonious hypocrite, and that a lot of his actions are pure stage-play.

Now, Trump announces. Out of the blue.. several people .. whom I respect but do not necessarily consider political .. said what a great thing this was. So I start taking a look at Donald Trump, the *person*. I even watched some old TV appearances on YouTube. I started reading the “Art of the Deal”. And I realize here is an exceptional person. Truly *exceptional*. But is he a *politician* ?

So here comes the first debate. OH WOW !!!!! This guy is not just *GOOD* he is *GREAT*. So time goes on, I watch the rallies and the town halls, and start to educate myself on the political process. The more I watch .. and the more I learn .. Sen. Cruz (my first choice initially) starts to look more and more like a typical politician. Then we get the IOWA caucuses. And to me, the Cruz mask fell off completely.

This website and Sundance, to me, have been a God-sent.

So, after this rambling expose, I support Trump because
(a) I am convinced he is real .. as in genuine
(b) his approaches – and stated positions – very much align with mine
(c) being human – and thinking we know best – I believe these positions are WHAT THE COUNTRY NEEDS

It will not be an easy path. Even if we have a President Trump next year, the opposition he will face is NOTHING compared to what Obama or George Bush faced.

I hope this answers – in part – Sundance’s question.

TRUMP 2016